Online South Yorkshire Autism Fayre 2020

August 6, 2020
by Rachel

Last year Sparkle Sheffield, along with our trading arm of Autism Union, held the South Yorkshire Autism Fayre at Magna Science Adventure Centre, Rotherham. It was a roaring success with over 20 speakers and 40 stands that brought in over 500 members of the public and professionals alike to share knowledge and information, provide services and products to delegates from South Yorkshire and wider afield.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 and it’s ongoing implications, we are unable to host the event in person again this year.

But do not worry – we’re going digital!

The South Yorkshire Autism Fayre 2020 will be completely online – that means everyone across the country (or the world!) can attend the event and listen to the multitude of fantastic speakers that we have lined up for you.
 The fayre will take place on the following dates via Zoom sessions:

  • Sunday 13th September
  • Monday 14th September
  • Tuesday 15th September
  • Wednesday 16th September

And a very special Kids Day on Sunday 20th September!

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Find out more about the speakers we have lined up below…

Dr Temple Grandin
During the South Yorkshire Autism Fayre Online 2020 event, Temple Grandin will host a Q&A session. Grandin will answer questions based on her own experiences, her own autistic brain and the journey she has been on throughout her life, both good and bad.

Dr Carrie Grant
Carrie will be speaking at the South Yorkshire Autism Fayre about her experiences of parenting her children with additional needs. Carrie is a Mum to four children; 3 birth, 1 adopted, 3 with ADHD, 2 autistic.

Dr Luke Beardon
At the South Yorkshire Autism Fayre, Luke will talk about anxiety in autistic children, prior to the release of his new book in December 2020 on the topic. He will also host a short Q&A session after his talk.

Stephen Connolly
Stephen is an autistic academic at Sheffield Hallam University, being the course leader on the MA Autism Spectrum degree, and lecturer on numerous other degree pathways. Stephen will speak on two topics; his experiences of Higher Education and the best way to manage transitions for autistic people during this time as well as the sensory world and how it impacts on everyday life.

Dr Mark Brown
Mark will host talks on his most popular topics; “Puberty and Neurodiversity – Ready or Not Here It Comes” and “The Online World – Keeping your child/teenager safe”. Mark will also host 1:1 advice sessions, where tailored support will be given on a personalised basis.

Chrissy Meleady MBE
Chrissy will speak about equalities and human rights, including when advocating for an autistic individuals’ rights. She will share her experiences including appearing in court and other relevant tribunals, primarily in relation to the issuing, or content, of ECHPs.

IPSEA will be discussing SEN law around children’s Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP’s) and education-based rights. This session is hugely discounted from IPSEA’s standard fee’s and funded by The National Lottery Community Fund.

During the session IPSEA will cover the following:

• What is an EHC plan?
• Legal definitions
• Steps to getting a plan
• EHC needs assessments
• Content of an EHC plan
• Settings which can be named in an EHC plan
• Appealing against a final plan
• Annual review

Graysons Solicitors
Graysons Solicitors will discuss the options available regarding wills and trusts in relation to children, young people and adults with SEND. There will be an opportunity for questions and answers at the end of the session. It’s very easy to put off making a will, or putting a trust or lasting power of attorney in place, but by doing so you are protecting your family’s future

Michael Connolly
Michael will discuss the topic of airports and travel for individuals with additional needs. He will use his experience to give advice and suggestions based on travel both in the UK and abroad.

Autism Angels
Autism Angels will be attending the South Yorkshire Autism Fayre and talking about how animals can make a difference in the life of individuals with additional needs. Autism Angels work with horses to support learning and to create ‘real life’ scenarios that can be then practiced and worked through.

The Zaman’s
Rani and Shad Zaman will be speaking about their experiences of autism from a parental perspective. Here they give a little insight into their life, and how they wish to share their experiences to help support others.

Shona Murphy
Shona will be speaking about her experiences as an autistic parent to two autistic children. She will discuss topics including sensory experiences and executive functioning issues, and some of the social problems she had with the mum groups when her children were young.

Special Thanks
With huge thanks to The National Lottery Community Fund who are funding this event via Autism Union.