Sparkle Sheffield Lending Library

December 11, 2021
by Rachel

The Sparkle Sheffield lending library is run by our volunteers. Resources (including toys and books) are available for families to loan for a fixed period of time, to enable individuals to benefit from a wide range of materials without having to pay often high associated costs. The use of the lending library is free for all families who are gold or platinum subscribers of the Sparkle Sheffield Membership Scheme. 

Bronze, silver and non-members are also able to loan our equipment for a small fee.

Resource Library

Sensory Peanut Ball (with tactile nodules)

Good for:

  • Therapeutic use, especially for those who have problems with balance and coordination.  
  • The shape of the ball encourages both children and adults to engage core muscles to build strength and improve posture.
  • This version has sensory nodules on the surface for additional sensory feedback.

Item reference – SS001

Sensory Cozy Canoe

“The cozy canoe is the best source of deep pressure for autistic students in particular. It allowed my students to be included in general education assemblies, and attend at circle time. It is made of tough material, but the student still needs to remove their shoes.”

Item reference – SS002

Cuddle Ball

Soft, squigy and tactile cuddle ball to allow the user to especerince a deep and calming pressue to the sensory system. The gaps in the ball allow hands and arms to be placed inside providing extra comfort and warmth.

Good for:

  • Reducing anxiety
  • Provides a calming aid for excitable or hyper children.
  • Applies deep pressue
  • Good for a fidget toy too
Screenshot 2021-12-20 at 18.03.56

Item reference – SS003

Body Sock

4-way stretch lycra sensory body sock is an all round movement, proprioceptive, tactile and deep pressure experience.

Once inside, the stretchy material gently resists your movements encouraging experimentation. The resistant walls of the body sock provide a tactile means of self-referencing that improves body awareness and assists in developing spatial awareness through balance and resistance.

Size: 150cm long x 75cm wide (opening 70cm) – suitable for children 1.5m to 1.75m tall

Item reference – SS004

10lb Weighted Blanket (2 available)

Snoozzzy weighted blankets are filled with just enough non-toxic glass pellets providing deep pressure touch stimulation without uncomfortable restriction. The pressure from the weight causes the body to produce serotonin and endorphins which are chemicals our bodies naturally use to feel relaxed or calm.

Size: 40 x 60 inches


Item reference – SS005

5lb Weighted Lap Pad

The Snoozzzy sensory lap pad can help your child focus and remain grounded in the classroom and during exams allowing them to remain calm and comforted. The soft minky cover of this weighted lap pad makes it the perfect tool for any child with sensory needs. The raised dotted material is great for any child who likes to fidget or has to address sensory needs whilst focusing in class or when relaxing at home.

Item reference – SS006

Sensory Bed Sheet (single size)

The snoozzzy sensory bed sheet is perfect for and child who finds it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep! The sensory compression feeling allows the child to feel like they are being hugged, stimulating the production of serotonin and melatonin- similar to our original weighted blanket but without the extra weight of the micro beads.

Item reference – SS007

Stretchy Lycra Band

The stretchy band is made from 4 way stretch lycra to provide a stimulating and fun sensory experience.

The band is a loop which is 35cm wide and can be pulled and stretched to provide resistance to improve muscle tone and improve spatial awaremess.

Great for relieving anxiety and getting rid of excess energy.   Little ones can get inside the band, whilst large children and teen can use the band to pull and stretch.

Item reference – SS008

Weighted Tactile Turtle Lap Pal

Sensory Direct’s Weighted Turtle is super soft and pleasingly tactile, making it the perfect weighted companion. The weight provides a calming effect with the claws can be played with to calm and reduce fidgeting.

The turtle is made from 3 different tactile materials:

  • The back is made from supersoft Minky dimpled fleece which is very tactile when stroked.
  • The face and legs are made of warm tactile fleece.
  • The underside made out of tactile corduroy to provide another texture.

Item reference – SS009

Weighted Hoody & Pressure Vest set

Sensory Direct’s Weighted Hoody and Deep Pressure Vest Set provides deep pressure relief via a combination of the weight of the hoody and the compresson applied by the vest. The wearer will experience proprioceptive feedback to the body and shoulders;  providing a “calming and organising” effect for sensory seeker.

Item reference – SS010

Fibre Optic Strands (2m)

A spray of safe-to-handle acrylic fibres which change colour constantly along their length.

Provides visual stimulation and encourages attention focusing.

Comes with a lightsource.

Item reference – SS011

Sensory Happy Feet Play Mats

As well as using the mats to prevent flat feet, they provide fantastic sensory feedback when walked over or explored by hand. The mats are also great for use in schools and nurseries and can be used to create interactive, or sensory stories as well as to promote imaginative play, colour exploration and collaborative play.

Item reference – SS012

Spinning Top

Children will enjoy spinning and rocking in this large Gonge top, it will provide lots of fun and can be used as a den, boat or anything the children want to be.

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

Item reference – SS013

Scooter Board

Sturdy plastic tummy Scooter Board with handles ideal for Occupational Therapy and Children/Teens with additional needs.

Ideal for upper extremity strengthening, movement, motor planning and vestibular activities. 

The integral contoured handles help children grip the scooter to aid stability and balance, helping inspire confident movement. Children can sit, kneel or lie prone position!

Item reference – SS014

Gorilla Gym

Gorilla Gym brings the fun of the outdoors inside. Designed for busy parents and active kids who can’t always make it outdoors and don’t have a lot of room for expensive equipment. Gorilla Gym is lightweight, portable, and installs in your doorway in seconds without tools or drilling. The core doorway unit is made of strong, lightweight steel that won’t bend or break.

Item reference – SS015